Build an instant response infrastructure for your company!

 If you are looking to make it in the logistic industry, then you need to build an instant response infrastructure that will be really helpful in case of emergencies. One such element in this infrastructure is vehicle CCTV software that can offer instant information about crash reports in case of accidents, unbalancing of the vehicle due to overload or dangerous driving. Every logistic company knows that there are three main challenges that they may encounter on the road and these include: dangerous driving, over loading and speeding. All three are kept in check by the vehicle CCTV software that constantly monitors the vehicle in real-time and can offer up to the minute information at all times.

Get to know what is happening at an accident site!

 This is important as you can offer instant medical aid and replacement vehicles to stranded passengers. Sometimes, a person accused of ramming your vehicle might also need medical attention and he also would want someone to tow away his vehicle to a safe place. If the accident has happened because of over loading then the stock may have spilled on the road and needs to be cleaned up quickly to avoid further instances.

Get help immediately

If you are the fleet owner with this system at your fingertips then you can see what is happening with your employees. You can call out the ambulance if needed and the police if there is stock on the road. It will also help with insurance claims as you will be able to see who is at fault and show the police the evidence

 Video evidence is best

 Through the vehicle CCTV software, you can offer rock solid evidence of the culpability of the other party and strongly defend your insurance claim in court. In fact, this vehicle cctv software can also help give unbiased evidence and even insurance claims that are not genuine can be refuted in court.

Buying is simple

  • Ordering from the net is the simplest way to purchase this software that will really prove to be an asset for your business. Sellers save on distributor commission, rent, salaries and similar overheads and pass on the discount to customers.
  • This software can be shipped throughout Ireland within one working day and support is offered by phone, email and qualified technician visits for the installation of the device. It is the best tool you can have to keep your fleet in control and keep your costs down.
  • They will know that there is someone who can rush help to them by monitoring their driving in real-time from a remote location. Choosing this software will keep you ahead of the competition in terms of savings and monitoring your drivers. It can be accessed through your mobile phone or computer.
  • Wait no further, order this superior piece of software today and you will see the results from day one. Informed decision-making is what this software bring to your company.