This is exactly what happens when you decide to turn over a new leaf in your business career by leveraging the power of software. What are essentially a few lines of code that makes the hardware and software talk, is actually the main component that can save businesses by taking charge of losses. Vehicle cctv software is not just any kind of software but it is the lifeline of logistic companies who rely on this software application to get real-time footage and reports in cases of accidents. Fraudulent claims can be turned by survey and loss assessors and genuine claims can be defended by plaintiffs through evidence gathered by CCTV software that can record usually up to thirty hours of footage in its primary memory.

 Vehicle cameras are important for all bussinesses

 Otherwise, how would you know what your driver is doing who you have entrusted a high priced asset like a truck or van.

  • A commercial vehicle is the second biggest purchase that a business owner makes in life after a house. And those who have multiple vehicles in their fleet with two, four or six axle vehicles definitely need this kind of software to keep a real time eye on the activity of their drivers.
  • Instant help can be offered to drivers in case; they are injured and need medical help. Sometimes, the driver is not at fault and some careless driver might hit the vehicle from behind and this has a cascading effect on the vehicles in front.
  • Through this software, the control room can get instant notification about the kind of impact, the vehicle has suffered and wireless instructions can be given to the driver as to what to do next.
  • Replacement vehicles can be sent so that the load the vehicle is carrying will reach the intended destination on time. Sometimes, the inventory carried by the truck may be consisting of perishable goods and even a delay of a day can spoil all perishable inventories like fruits, vegetable, milk, meat, eggs, bread, and flowers causing financial damage. Which can cause losses to both sides.

 Mitigate operational risks through this excellent software

  • When men and material reach their intended destinations on time, it increases the velocity of business and the entire supply chain becomes a fine tuned machine.
  • Invoices are cleared faster and payments reach suppliers on time, helping them to make more money in the same amount of time. Everyone in the logistics business knows that time is a perishable commodity and they are racing against time in order to get the goods delivered safely to their destination.
  • Some logistic operators, who transport high value goods like cars, know the importance of cctv software and vehicle cameras to catch any accidents or delays on our roads. All over the world, motorways are known for the risks they carry but with this software by your side, you can mitigate the risks and pave the way for greater success.