Vehicle security now takes centre stage!

      With the global economic recession showing no signs of petering out, companies have to discover new business models to survive and take a relook at their costs. In such a scenario, evaluating the cost structures becomes important and introducing systems, application and processes that can reduce costs and put the business back on the path of profitability becomes vital.

Vehicle CCTV: Advantages that keep you ahead!

  • One such way is to install vehicle CCTV cameras that offer immense advantages that are listed below. Having these fitted in your vehicles will really give you an edge over the competition and your business will very quickly start to grow.
  • Most businesses in Ireland know that the secret to getting ahead in business is keeping your costs low and increasing your profits. If there is a software that can help them in this objective, then they would be ready to invest in it.

Notable features of this crucial bit of software

Some of the vital features of vehicle CCTV software are as follows:

  • Real –time reporting of an accident when it occurs.
  • Immediate SOS alerts issued to business owners and team members.
  • Can be used as evidence to defend against insurance claims.
  • Insurance companies can use evidence to refute bogus claims and they may reduce your insurance costs.
  • Dangerous driving incidents will come down drastically.
  • Cost saving due to reduction in fines and less fuel consumption and wear and tear on the vehicle.


How businesses can order these devices?

 All companies supplying vehicle CCTV software can let you order on line and the device will be delivered throughout Ireland in one working day. Selling online comes with huge cost savings as no physical stores need to be run and no human resource costs need to be incurred.   Complete support is offered through phone, email and you can even share your computer screen online with the technical help desk team.

Selecting the right online retailer

 This can be an issue as there are so many retailers around but those with strong word of mouth reputation often do the lowest advertising. Watch out for those offering deep discounts as their after sales service may not be that strong. It is better to spend a little bit extra to get the best product and service.

  • After all, it’s your business; you cannot afford to have sub-standard elements in the entire ecosystem of your business as it will reduce the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business.
  • Once your professional colleagues start seeing improvements in your fleet efficiency, they will enquire about it and look on search engines. Seeing your business forging ahead, they will also go ahead and install this software and thank you for telling them about it.
  • Such software’s will acquire greater significance in the future and it would be in your best interest to stay one step ahead of your competition.

 We hope the above information is useful enough to help you make an informed purchase decision for your business.