What is Telematics?

Vehicle Telematics is a product or service that allows for data to be sent from the vehicle to a specified product usually software. In our case we have two main products that use Telematics.

Vehicle CCTV

We install a mobile hard drive called a DVR in to your vehicle and then add cameras as per your request to various parts of your vehicle. When an incident occurs we then can re play the incident as it happened or login live via our servers to see in real time what is happening? This can help reduce accident claims against you and also protect the driver from false claims. It can also help improve driver safety.

Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracking system tracks information from your vehicle and then allows you to view that information live on any compute or mobile device. It consists of a tiny box that then send data over the air to our servers where you can see live where the vehicle is as well as the following• History• Speed• Alerts• ReportsCall us now for more information or a demonstration on 0539131464.